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About D&A

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The principal of D&A is a former British, Israeli, U.S. military and government contractor now providing Confidential Investigative & Security Services to individuals, corporations and governments including Royals. 

We provide these services to clients in Asia, the British Isles, Europe, the U.S. and Middle East and with continued Identity Protection. 

D&A Investigates:

Counterfeiters | Cyber Fraud | Election Rigging | Environmental Investigations | Espionage | British, European, United States Government | Leakers & Impostors | Missing and Murder Victims | Repressed Memory | NGO Fraud | Off-Shore Banking | Shell & Shelf Corporations | Ponzi & Tax Evasion Schemes

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Active Investigations

D&A opened an independent investigation in August 2016 into Hillary R. Clinton (HRC), Jeffrey Epstein & the Democrat National Committee (DNC) claims of: Russia broke into the DNC

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Rogue officials in Ukraine and the U.S. actively interfered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, 2018 Midterms and continue their interference in the 2020 Presidential Election.  

Volumes 1 provides details of Ukraine, Joe Biden-John Kerry involvement: 

· The Ukraine Fraud

· The Biden-Kerry Connection

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Volumes 2 continues the: The Biden-Kerry Connection with details of the John Kerry, Javad Zarif (Iran) interference:

· Ukraine Flight 752 Connection

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Volume 3 Ukraine Flight 752 continues in Column 1.

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Column 2 begins with Bill de Blasio:

D&A represents victims in a $1 billion claim against Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm, (Individually) Mayor of New York City, and the City of New York (Sovereign entity).

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Linkedin and Flowers Group are also under investigation for their failure to comply with Federal Immigration & Employment laws related to the rape and murder 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

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Findings & Privilege

HRC, Michael McFaul, Marie Yovanovitch, Adam Schiff, twins Alexander Vindman and Yevgeny aka Eugene Vindman with their older brother Leonid Vindman, Alan Apter, John Bolton, Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko are complicit in the 2017-2020 Coup d’état to overthrow the President of the United States of America. 

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Chuck Schumer outed Alexander Vindman as a whistleblower


LTC Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him are patriots.

They are standing up for the Constitution they swore an oath to defend.

They don't deserve these disgraceful attacks, and they must be protected from reprisals.

5:27 PM . November 22, 2019 . Twitter Web App"

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Supplemental Findings (Public Record) of these and other D&A investigations are provided in The Observer Volumes of this website, updated on availability. 

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Exhibits for The Observer Volumes of this website are available on D&A  Investigations SCRIBD page, also updated on availability.

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Privilege Applies, Sources and Methods are Protected for all ongoing investigations.

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